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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Manchester

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage. The Castlefield conservation area’s 18th-century canal system recalls the city’s days as a textile powerhouse, and visitors can trace this history at the interactive Museum of Science & Industry. The revitalised Salford Quays dockyards now house the Daniel Libeskind-designed Imperial War Museum North and the Lowry cultural centre.

What is an end of tenancy clean? it is a deep clean of a home or apartment when a tenant moves out of a property. Now most landlords and letting agents in the UK have an agreement with the tenant where it is there responsibility to leave the home the way they moved in a clean and liveable state. 

The main points we focus on when doing a deep clean is the kitchen where we will do a deep clean including oven cleans, Drawers cupboards and places where you would not think to clean, all appliances, bathroom cleaning limescale and any deficits, deep carpet cleans, glass surfaces, light switches etc.


What to Know Before Hiring an End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

Do you know that end of tenancy cleaning is one of the most common reasons for disputes between tenants and landlords? Your landlord expects you to leave the property how you found it when you moved in. According to the Deposit Protection Scheme, more than 50 percent of the deposit disputes are due to insufficient cleaning.

If you have not performed your end of tenancy cleaning before you leave the property, your landlord will engage a company to do the cleaning. They will pay the bill using your deposit. In most cases, this will not work in your favour as the landlord will hire a cleaning company that may charge more rather keeping the price low. To avoid disputes and losses, it is recommendable you hire an end tenancy cleaning that understands your needs and will work with your set budget. Here are all the essential details you should know about end of tenancy cleaning.

Who Is Responsible For Cleaning The Rental Property?

Tenants are responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the rental property. They can be held liable if they allow lack of proper hygiene to result in the rise and spread of mould, pest infestation and health hazard diseases. The cost of removing these hazards is very high and renters will be charged the bill. Patios, driveways and the garden are usually assigned to the tenant as part of the property as well. While inspecting your new rental home, be sure to confirm that you are responsible for these areas.

If you are living in a shared building, some cleaning duties are usually a landlord’s responsibility. An example of a specialised cleaning service that is considered a responsibility of the landlord is gutter cleaning.

Can Your Landlord Force You To Hire A Cleaning Company?

No, your landlord will not force you to hire a specific cleaning company as cleaning is a tenant’s responsibility. This responsibility requires you to leave the property as it was when you first moved in. Your landlord can only request a hygiene standard as they one documented in the inventory management.

End of tenancy cleaning is done when your property cannot meet that criterion. However, if you’ve been a good caring tenant, chances are that your home will be very close to what is documented in the inventory. In such a case, you may not need to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. All you have to do is a final sweep before returning the property keys to your landlord.

What Does An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Include?

If you are to pass the final inspection, you should ensure that you do a thorough end of tenancy clean as per your tenancy agreement. Otherwise, you may not get back all your tenancy deposit. First, you need to ensure any damages in your rental home are fixed or replaced. Avoid leaving it up to your landlord to send you the bill, as the cost is likely to be higher than you may have possibly imagined. Allow yourself sufficient time to do clean the following items:

  • Kitchen

Ensure all the kitchen appliances are clean, including the dishwasher filter and washing machine tray. Consider pulling out all appliances and wash the walls behind them and floors beneath them. Most appliances tend to be dusty and full of cobwebs, be sure to wipe them with a dry cloth. Empty all the shelves and cupboards, clean inside and out and wipe with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean the racks, cabinets and fridge shelves too.

  • Oven and Hob

Ovens accumulate thick layers of grease, burnt food deposits, grime and household dust. Regardless of how unpleasant the cleaning task maybe, ensure your oven is sparkling as it will be the first item to be inspected. Do the same for the hob, switches, handles, baking trays, racks and all other surfaces.

  • Furniture

Make sure your upholstery looks pristine. Vacuum the furniture and wash it dry wash solution. Be sure to remove any dings, scratches and scuff marks from your wooden upholstery.

  • Bathroom

Clean everything in the bathrooms, including mirrors, toilets, baths, sinks, tiles and any other accessories. Check to be sure that the plug holes and drains are free of debris, and ensure that the water runs away smoothly.

  • Walls And Windows

Look for dirty marks or scuffs on the wall and try washing them off. If that cannot remove them, consider painting them over with some emulsion of the same colour. Avoid painting over mould. Clean all the windows from inside and wash the curtains if they are washable or take them to the dry cleaner.

Other areas that may require end tenancy cleaning include carpets, staircases, hallways garden and exteriors. The best way to ensure that your home passes the final inspection is by hiring an experienced end of tenancy cleaning company. These professional cleaners have handled many similar jobs before successfully. They will ensure that your end of tenancy clean is done properly and according to your tenancy agreement. Contact them today to hire their services.

What Will Our Manchester End Of Tenancy Cleaners Do?

The service we provide here at cleaner manchester for End Of Tenancy Cleaning Manchester is for the tenant or landlord. Our trained cleaners come fully prepared with all there owning cleaning equipment and detergents.

Our Main Points We Cover
  1. Bathroom Covering things such as limescale removal to deep clean on toilet and bathtubs etc.
  2. Kitchen where we will deep clean all things such as oven, taps and cupboards etc.
  3. Carpet cleaning ensure the carpets are clean, mop and dust down all surfaces.
What You Will Need To Provide Us?
  1. We will need to be able to use our equipment which requires electric to run such as hoovers etc.
  2. Running water 
  3. To be able to enter in and out of the property
  4. Fridge to be turned of 24 hour prior.
  5. No personal items in the property!, 

Main Benefits To Work With Cleaner Manchester?

  1. If your looking to get a deposit bank then we can help you do this with our deep clean service.
  2. All cleaners are insured
  3. They Work to strict guidelines to tick off all needed by a landlord.
  4. We work on a set price so if it takes longer that is up to us to do as quick as possible.
  5. All products are tested and ensured they are safe to use.
  6. You can add oven cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning at a discounted price.
  7. We can work around you 7 days a week 24 hours per day.

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What Our Clients Say About Us
“Service is great, you can contact them via phone or live chat and i have always been able to get in touch with one the team to answer my problems. Which is key when you need to cancel a clean etc.”

Miss. Taylor - Macclesfield
“Great Company!, We moved into a new home and the house was left a mess by the previous occupier so we got these guys in for a one of clean, 2 years later we still use them weekly.”
Mr. Ashworth - Stockport
“As a landlord you can imagine the mess the properties get left in and its up to me sort out before the next tenant is in so after using cleaner Manchester once we haven’t stopped using them and cant fault the service they provide.”
Mr. Patel - Ashton
End Of Tenancy Case Study

On the 1st of January 2017 a client who was based in the city centre required a professional cleaning service who had expertise in professorial end of tenancy cleaning. He got in touch with us because he had heard from people who had lived in his apartment block recently they we are the best in Manchester city centre. .

He spoke to Lucy on our customer care team and she ran through all the options he had available, he was on short notice he had to give the keys back in 2 days time and his landlord was expecting high standards of cleanliness due to it being a new build apartment . So Lucy contacted our clean team and she managed to get them into the property with 24 hours after discussing logistics with our client.

Our team which consisted of Shannon & Barbara came into the home and began work on the kitchen area this included cleaning all kitchen appliances to a high standard including a oven clean Then the clean team moved onto the living room and hallways where they dusted, moped and hoovered.

They then did what they are best at domestic cleaning and began work on the bedrooms this included dusting the light switches, skirting boards, the top of cupboards before they moved onto the bathroom where they got rid of limescale and dirt and grime and bringing the bathroom to a high standard of hygiene.

They then continued to clean the house untill they had completed our 32 check list and the client was happy.

2 days later the client had spoke to there landlord and he had agreed to give him his money back from the deposit which was in the region of £1000, so as you can imagine he was very grateful with the service and even carried on to say we are the best cleaning company and cleaning service in Manchester.